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You may buy a GKO Premium Account and GKO Tokens here. You will get the purchased items/services within 24 hours. These benefits enhance the feeling of being a football manager, gives you more convenience, and let you access in-depth information.
GoKickOff - Premium Account

Premium Features.

  1. In-depth analysis showing the efficiency of a player in each tactic as well as the capability of him in each event (dribbling a ball past an opponent, disposing an opponent of the ball, executing a fast counter attack, avoiding the defenders and goalie
  2. Analysis of your team for the selected tactic with the first-team squads showing the strong points and potential weak points. With this feature you can set up your tactics excellently.
  3. Analysis of your opponent team showing the strong points and weak points from the last 5 matches.
  4. Viewing game statistics which can be accessed only by premium users such as top 100 most expensive players, player with the highest experience, player with the highest LA, wealthiest team, and team with the biggest stadium.
  5. A premium users can loan out players to other clubs (premium users) and take players on loan form other clubs (premium users). Loan deals on the same LAN is permitted.(max 2 player per season)
  6. A premium user can jot down notes for each player.
  7. Modern match info with real-time match reports and sound.
  8. Real time statistics for match info showing ball possessions, shots, and other useful information.
  9. In-depth analysis showing the accomplishment of each player. For instance, a player attempts to run past an opponent 4 times but fails 1 time. Thus, the percentage of successfully running past an opponent for him is 75%.
  10. Showing the tactics that your opponents use after the match.
  11. A premium user can select nationality for each promoted youth player.
  12. A premium user may play multiple accounts but every accounts that he plays have to be premium accounts. However, trading players between these accounts is not allowed. Using multiple accounts for match-fixing (dishonest activity to make sure that one team wins a particular match) is also unacceptable.
  13. A premium user has a guest book allowing other users to type on it.
  14. A premium user may set up their own tournament (both league and cup). The cumulative sum of entry fees received will be the prize money for the winner.
  15. A premium user may join a tournament that is set up by another premium user. A player that plays in the tournament gains experience and training bonus but his fitness condition decreases very slightly. This competition is held every Tuesday.
  16. The energy of a premium user is regenerated faster. The energy bar of him is twice the size of those of normal users.
  17. A premium user is allowed to join league in any country.
  18. No banner ads at all for premium.
  19. More useful features in the near future.


  • There are many uses for tokens such as exchanging for credits etc.

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